Frequently Asked Questions

First Allied's Travel Insurance is the first online travel insurance plan permitting an online purchase for Crisis Response, including cover for both Kidnap and Ransom Reimbursement, and has been specifically developed for volatile, high risk and frontier markets. It provides all the essential coverage you require when travelling to these challenging locations.


How much does a policy cost?

Prices vary depending on the duration of your trip, where you are travelling within the world and the level of cover you require. Our flexible policies also allow you to add special contingency insurance such as Crisis Response and K&R, as required.

How can I buy a policy?

The First Allied Travel Insurance policy can be purchased online using your credit card or Visa debit card via the Sage Pay online payment facility.

As you can only purchase with a credit or debit card, how do I know it is secure?

First Allied Limited uses secure payment gateway Sage Pay to receive your premium. The payment is made directly and securely to Sage Pay. We do not see, record or store these card details in any form. We simply get an approval or decline from Sage Pay or your bank. Once authorised, it’s instant travel insurance cover – your policy certificate is immediately emailed to you for you to print out.

Who are Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is the fastest growing independent payment service provider (PSP) and is a division of of business software company Sage, one of the UK's most trusted business brands. Sage Pay process over 4 billion secure payments each year, for over 30,000 + businesses of all sizes. They all rely on Sage Pay to keep their money moving and help them to tackle online card fraud, ensuring that the payment process is safe and easy for you - their customer.


If I return home early, do I get a refund?

No part refunds will be permitted on your online travel policy if your trip is cut short.

Am I covered for Asthma or other medical conditions?

The First Allied Travel Insurance plan does NOT cover pre-existing medical conditions. Please refer to the policy wording for the full details.

Does your policy cover theft or loss of cash?

In most cases, the plan does not provide cover for theft or loss of cash. Please refer to the policy wording where it will be specifically outlined if cover is applicable.

What is the age limit for Frontier Travel Insurance policies?

The First AlliedTravel Insurance plan is available to everyone between the ages of 18 - 75 years.


Can I buy a policy?

First Allied Travel Insurance is a global service although the plan is not available for purchase in countries where the would-be policy holder is not legally permitted to purchase or be covered by such a plan and so it may not be available in all situations or jurisdictions.

Do I get a policy document in the mail or by email?

Upon completion of your online purchase, all your policy documents (Certificate and Policy Wording) will be emailed to you immediately. In the event that you do not receive your email, please contact us either via email at travel@firstallied.co.uk, or by telephoning our main office on +44 (0)20 8123 9704 or via Skype on admin.firstallied.

Do I have to start and finish my trip in my country of residence?

No. The First Allied Travel Insurance Plan permits you to travel from and return to any country of your choice. However, you will only be covered for the number of days and dates shown on your policy certificate and repatriation will only be made to the country shown on your policy certificate.

Can I purchase a policy if I have already left my usual country of residence?

Yes. If, whilst travelling, you discover that you either have no insurance or you believe that your current policy does not provide you with sufficient cover during your visit, you can still purchase the First Allied travel policy online providing you are able to pay by credit card or Visa debit card. Alternatively, you can call our 24/7 emergency help line and we will advise you on the most appropriate course of action. 

How do I extend my cover?

To extend cover on your existing travel plan, you will need to purchase a new policy online. If you have not yet travelled, but wish to extend your plan, please call us on +44 (0)20 8123 9704 or contact us via email at travel@firstallied.co.uk

Is there a limit to the number of times I can extend my policy before travelling?

No. Each extension will be a new policy so you can extend your cover indefinitely. However, we recommend that all clients carefully check their needs and requirements before departing from their country of residence.

Who can buy a First Allied Travel Insurance policy?

Everyone! There are no restrictions on who can and can't buy the First Allied Travel Insurance plan, providing they are able to purchase the policy online with either MasterCard, Visa, Visa debit card or PayPal. 

Cancelling your Travel Insurance Policy

Your right to withdraw (Annual Policies and Single Trip Policies greater than 30 days) - "Cooling-off period"

If you purchase an annual travel insurance or a single trip policy greater than 30 days from us, you have a fourteen-day cooling off period during which you can change your mind and withdraw from the contract on condition that you have not already travelled during that period. If you decide to cancel your policy during this period, the insurer may make a proportionate charge for your travel insurance. As long as you have not made any claims, any other money you may have paid us will then be refunded.

If you wish to exercise your right to withdraw from your insurance policy you should advise us of this by calling us on +44 (0)20 8123 9704 or by emailing us at: travel@firstallied.co.uk.

Your right to withdraw (Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies)

If you purchase a single trip insurance policy that lasts for thirty days or less you have no right to withdraw from the insurance contract.


Can I buy out the USD 250.00 policy excess / deductible?

No. The policy excess is set in stone!

How do I contact the claims department?

Full details on making a claim will be shown on your policy documents. All claims should be directed to Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) using the email address ops@northcottglobalsolutions.com or by telephone: +44 (0)207 183 8910.

Can I make a claim while I am away?

Yes. Our claims system allows you to submit claims and liaise with our claims team, while you are still away.

What can I claim for?

First Allied Travel Insurance offers cover for personal accident and illness (AD&D), medical expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation. You should refer to the policy wording on this site for the full description of benefits and exclusions. Varying levels of cover are available as well as the option to add special contingency insurance as required.

Emergency Assistance

How do I get Emergency Assistance overseas?

In the event of a policy holder requiring emergency assistance, First Allied's dedicated third party assistance company Northcott Global Solutions can be reached 24 hours a day by email, telephone or fax. Alternatively, an MSN-text or Skype-voice connection can be established if required.

24 hour telephone: + 44 (0)20 7183 8910 (24 Hour)
Email: ops@northcottglobalsolutions.com

During the initial contact, you should be able to provide the following information:

  1. Name of policy holder
  2. Insurance Master Policy number
  3. Patient location and condition
  4. Exact assistance required
  5. Details of hospital/medical facility

About First Allied Limited

Who are First Allied Limited?

Established in 2013, First Allied Limited is a British owned company, specialising in providing high risk and non-standard insurance to volatile and other challenging locations.

Who underwrites the First Allied Travel insurance policy?

The First Allied travel policy is run and administered by First Allied Limited, reinsured 100% by "A+" (Strong) rated markets in London. Additional details can be obtained upon written application to First Allied Limited.

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