Multiple Countries


When travelling to more than one destination on your trip there are a number of options to consider when buying your travel insurance, subject to the number of days you will spend in each country. The First Allied Travel Insurance plan provides cover for countries in eight (8) different regions (Areas A to H). These are shown below:

How To work out your premium(s)

When travelling to countries shown within each Area you will also be covered for all countries within that Area, plus other countries in the Areas below.

For example, purchasing a policy for travel to a country in Area A will also permit cover in other countries within Area A and countries shown in Areas B to H.  Although should you be travelling to Iraqi Kurdistan (Area C), you will then only be covered in Iraqi Kurdistan and those countries in Areas C to H. All countries within Areas A and B will be excluded from cover.

It should be noted that when travelling to countries in different Areas it may be more cost effective to purchase separate policies for the time spent in the lower rated countries.  For example, should you be travelling to Iraq Baghdad (Area A) but also planning to spend more than three (3) days in Dubai (Area H) then it may be more cost effective to purchase two (2) policies - A policy for your time in Iraq and a separate policy for your time in Dubai.

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