Why First Allied?


With the rise in conflicts around the world spreading at an alarming pace, global travel has now become a challenging proposition for even the most experienced traveller and nothing but 100% confidence in your service provider should be expected, or accepted.

At First Allied, our management team can boast over 12 years experience working in high risk and frontier countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, including the unfortunate experience of being caught in the middle of terrorist attacks and bombings. We are therefore fully aware of the dangers and potential problems faced by today's traveler.

So why leave your protection to others? Whether traveling on short duration trips or working on long term contracts, it is imperative that you are financially protected, should the unthinkable happen.



With First Allied Travel Insurance you can rest easy in the knowledge that your plan:

  • Includes War and Terrorism cover at no additional cost
  • Can provide a death benefit up to USD 1 million - Up to seven (7) times annual salary
  • Is 100% reinsured with "A+" (Strong) rated London markets.
  • Can be purchased Instantly and online
  • Has a secure online payment facility
  • Can be purchased even after arrival at your destination 
  • Provides 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Includes emergency medical evacuation
  • Comes with optional Crisis Response, including Kidnap and optional Ransom Reimbursement

Despite the highest level of cover and protection, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the premium!


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